Kelly Crabb

Advocate For Crohn's disease

Meet Kelly!

Kelly Crabb was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2004 and began dipping her toes in advocacy a couple years after. Through IBDSC she’s met many of the advocates who paved the way for her, who provided resources and information at a time where it was hard to access. Through her work with IBDSC, Kelly has gained a stronger sense of self in order to better deal with difficult complications, including another serious digestive disease in addition to her Crohn’s.

Since her IBD diagnosis, she’s continued to do courageous things in spite of her illness and not wanting to prevent it from achieving her goals, like participating in athletic events, advocacy events to raise funds and awareness for research and clinical trials. She loves the collaboration of IBDSC, both within the community and with doctors, to ensure patients have access to information that is accurate, easy-to-digest and in terms our IBD communities will be able to understand and bring to their doctors. Her greatest hope for IBDSC is this: to cultivate the path they’ve helped create (and continue to) leading more patients to help fill in for the next generation, replant and continue to water the flowers along a path so many advocates among so many generations created.


Kelly Crabb

Crohn's disease

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